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Supernatural stories

Supernatural stories
Alliances, ruses and stratagems between plants and insects.
Incredible stories of alliance, manipulation and rivalries between small animals and plants, told in a breathtaking way and illustrated by beautiful photos.
At the borders of reality near you...
From the insect that uses an aquatic plant as a diving suit to live underwater, to the pathogenic fungus that bewitches its plant host to make fake flowers and mystify pollinators, through the beetle that feeds on poison to make itself indigestible, this beautiful book offers you 20 amazing stories where plants and invertebrates reveal an extraordinary range of interactions to live or survive.
Gregory Roeder, professor and doctor of chemical ecology, is a modern-day explorer who pushes the boundaries of science through his research. With his laboratory, he publishes in the greatest journals scientists (Science, Nature, etc.). Thanks to an exciting story illustrated by the magnificent photos of Stéphane Hette, the author transmits cutting-edge scientific information. Never again will you look at spiders, flowers or butterflies the same way!