This photos are available on the sale all year long in the gallery Blin more Blin, 46 kicks of the University, Paris 7 - Phone : 033 (0) 142 860 778
Les carnets de nature ludiques et poétiques now a chinese naturalist book

Je suis très heureux et j'avoue un peu fier de vous partager ce moment de bonheur de savoir que "nos carnets de nature" paraissent en Chine. 
Avec Préface et révision du Professeur Zhang Jinshuo, Institut de zoologie, Académie des sciences de Chine, Directeur adjoint et conservateur de recherche, Musée zoologique national de Chine. Un grand merci à la traductrice Jiner Zhang avec laquelle j'ai échangé pendant de nombreuses semaines autour de ce projet et de mon humour... décalé parfois difficile à expliquer. 
Un immense merci madame Zhang Ling, éditrice, sans qui ce livre n'aurait probablement jamais vu le jour.
Je remercie bien sûr également Marcello Pettineo pour sa confiance et sa fidélité sans faille à l'image de son amitié et de son talent ! 
Maud et Manu qui ne sont jamais bien loin de mes projets... 
Nos lectrices et lecteurs de tout âge également.
Frédéric Lisak des éditions Plume de carotte qui tient bon la barre malgré les éléments déchaînés que traversent l'édition depuis des années.
Et surtout Marie et Guy-Michel Cogné qui m'ont offert cette chance incroyable de pouvoir créer librement et expérimenter de nouvelles formes de narration naturaliste dans les pages de Nat'mages depuis bientôt 15 ans.


4m² of nature life size...

The principle of the 4m² nature exhibition at Parc Saint-Croix explained to all... 
In the heart of the Green Trail, you can discover a place where you can learn about the exhibition, against the backdrop of the theme of “nature observation”: photography, drawing, painting, listening, species identification… It immerses you in the atmosphere of the authors' offices and introduces you to the concept and spirit of nature’s book 4m2.
This place highlights the work of Stéphane Hette (photographer) and Marcello Pettinéo (naturalist cartoonist) through workshops. In addition to presenting the work of these two artists, he values the pleasure of discovering the biodiversity of Eastern France.
The Green Class
In the middle of the vegetation, you can observe the decor of a “nature” classroom with workshops of drawings or photos, animations, artists…
Of the XXL books
As you walk the blue paths of the park, you will notice 5 books (2 meters high), to browse without moderation!

Nat'images 70

This crazy section always continues in a good mood and this time the wild carrots reveal some of their mysteries... It is always a joy for me to discover how Marcello has interpreted and transformed my ideas and my scribbles!

insects watch TV

Natacha Harry made me a friend to take a kind look at my work and the insects.
An appointment was therefore made on June 14 at the House of Insects of OPIE to make a report on my practice. Released on June 18, 2021 it is available in replay on the channel France2.

The exhibition event 4m² of nature

For 3 years the parc Sainte-Croix (France - Rhodes 57) honors the biodiversity of proximity and makes big the small with the exhibition event 4m² of nature, treasures of the biodiversity of the Great East. 5 giant books are to discover on a natural route and visit our respective universes and workshops... My photo lab and the lair of my friend and accomplice Marcello Petineo. A green setting for a common yet extraordinary nature! (visible until the end of 2023).

Nat'images n°64
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Nature Diary with the help of my friend Marcello Pettineo we have made it a book where Humour and Fantasy are at the service of a naturalistic narration. And as good news never comes alone, although in this period they are relatively rare, this section continues for another decade history that can be told to you again: stories; but also to make a second part to this book a little crazy and completely nature!
Find in this issue a large grasshopper not always green but still green for its age... 

To subscribe is here.
And to order a n° it’s that way!

Playful and poetic notebooks in books!
And no you do not dream! Finally if it is a dream because here are 10 years of naturalistic chronicles realized with my accomplice Marcello Pettineo for the french magazine Nat'images, sorted, made up and gathered in a beautiful book at the editions Plume de Carotte available from mid-November 2020!

240 pages 
Format : Relié
EAN : 9782366722338
ISBN 978-2-36672-233-8
Éditeur Plume de Carotte

Na'images 63, will see if the rose is wild!

The life-size photo in the magazine Nat'images to find every two months on newsstands or directly at home!
Our Nature Diary section continues with the help of my friend Marcello Pettineo where Humour et fantaisie are at the service of a naturalistic narrative.

10 years of photography and nature for Nat'images magazine

People often say you don’t see time go by. It is true that when you have the chance to do what you love with people you enjoy time seems to not exist.
The proof, 10 years of Nat'images and we didn’t see anything, or rather if: we all took "full eyes" as they say at home. But I have a deep feeling that I have barely had time to turn around…
To subscribe to the magic of nature: it’s here !

ITW Natacha Harry Sud Radio

The love flowers reveal themselves a little more...
<iframe allowfullscreen="true" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="315" scrolling="no" src=";show_text=0&amp;width=560" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" width="560"></iframe>

Nat'images n°58

And here it goes again and again, it’s a good start, okay!! We are working hard at Nat'images, in #58 a novelty: The section Nat'Ologie is dedicated to ecology by giving voice to those who work for the environment.
For this first issue, Frédéric Polvet interviewed the representative in France of Ecosia, the German search engine, whose revenues generated by advertising are used to finance reforestation in the world...
And then as always our nature notebooks with the ineffable Marcello Pettineo! This time if we attack the metropolitan dragonflies (like the subway!) but it is a finally several images even, because like the miss we only want peace and a better world!

Interview Nikon club

To discover a little more about my photographic practice do not hesitate to read this interview granted to me by the Nikon Club...

The flowers in love

CP : Marcello Pettineo

Through 20 flowers from our regions, highlighted by photographer Stéphane Hette and told by by botanist Frédéric Hendoux, discover the formidable history of plant fertilization from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day. In introduction, a short history of the science of plant reproduction, illustrated by historical and exceptional vellum linens of the Natural History Museum of Paris.

A book published by the editions of the salamander to order dedicated to the books section.
ISBN: 2889583678
Publisher: EDITIONS DE LA SALAMANDRE (17/10/2019)

Nat'images n°58 digital version

My naturalist rendezvous with my accomplices Marcello Pettineo in drawing, Frédéric Hendoux and André Joyeux in proofreading, revolves around the attractive Digitale pourpre.
Mixing art, poetry, humour and science, these nature notebooks describe, every two months, a nature close to us.

Behind the scenes of my next book with
Thanks to the alert pen of Pierre-Marie Salomez (which I thank in passing), you will be able to discover in #414 of the magazine Chasseur d'Images behind the scenes of my next book to be published in the Salamander editions in partnership with the MHNP : "les fleurs amoureuses".

BEST OF estival 2019

Find my photographs in good company all summer long at the gallery Blin plus Blin Paris!
Canson Infinity Fine Art print each photograph is available in art print only and limited to 12 copies (4 of which are for the author).
To discover in the 7th arrondissement of Paris

46 Rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris. The gallery is open daily from 11am to 7pm from Tuesday to Saturday (closed on Sunday and Monday).
Contact details: 01 42 86 07 78 | mail

The small people of the ways to the conquest of China...

Well then, what good news! Good to conquest, to conquest, in peace of course!
So the second work made with my acolyte François Lasserre and published by Plume de Carotte is also published in China...
Honestly, I can’t wait to have the book in my hands!

Nat'images n° 52 : Chrysalises are jewels!

Undoubtedly the best French natural magazine of photo...

Nat'images 52, les chrysalides sont des bijoux...

Nat'images 51, aux larves citoyens !

Undoubtedly the best French natural magazine of photo...

Behind the scenes of my images on France 5 TV
The journalist director Marie-Ange Morges and her nice team painted my portrait for the emission "Silence that grows!" Of 19 oct 2018 of France 5 TV. We discover it partially the wings of my photographic work and I hope for a little of passion livens up and feeds my projects. We see also my accomplice Frédéric hendoux, guiding of the national botanical Academy of Paris Basin there, with whom I collaborated for The loving trees and with whom I work at present on a "floral continuation".

"What it is necessary to abandon of its modesty to deliver its dreams ...". 

I take advantage of it to thank all those who trust me and work with me for several years now.

Butterflies in Paris
My third personal exhibition in Gallerie Blin plus Blin leaves a beautiful part to the butterflies but something tells me that you can cross there also some dragonflies...
Pulled at Canson paper Infinity fine art every photography is available in edition of art only and limited to 12 copies (among which 4 reserved for the author).
To discover in the 7th district of Paris from September 19th till November 3th, 2018.

46 Street of the University, 75007 Paris. The gallery is opened every day of 11h to 19h from Tuesday to Saturday (closed a Sunday and Monday).
Contacts: 01 42 86 07 78 ¦ E-mail 

Nat'images n°50

As every two months since n°1 I am happy to announce you the continuation of the "naturphotagraphicdraws" adventures that I co-realize with my friend Marcello Pettineo and the support collusive in the director of publication of the magazine : Guy-Michel Cogné. It will be the last opus which he will see because he unfortunately died in a dramatic accident of helicopter arisen on June 19th, 2018. Which shock to lose this wonderful, indestructible and friendly friend on our very numerous joyful common memories my infinite sadness smashes. More than 10 years of an extraordinary adventure shared with Marie his wife and all the Chasseur d'images team and Nat' images continues with the same envy and the same passion. We just have to follow the way drawn by our friend to continue.

Nat'images n°49, trees court ..

Learn by having fun on the private fife of trees it is possible with The loving trees for the "sauce" 4m ² of nature!
Always with my accomplice Marcello Pettineo and this time for the review of the text my friend Frédéric Hendoux.

Magazine Nat'images 

Vegetable love

The Swiss magazine "L'illustré", under the feather of Mireille Monnier, dedicates its International reporting to the sexual life of trees, eight pages to know about it a little more about "our" loving Trees (Les arbres amoureux).

The silent lovers... France 5 TV

"Silence ça pousse"
(emission of Friday, February 16th, 2018), our loving trees are presented to it with a not feigned enthusiasm! And that pleases thank you for them... And for us :) for the most more urgent it is in 46 minutes of the replay.

Order "les arbres amoureux" (trees loving) on the site of la Salamandre (french book).

Order "les arbres amoureux" dedicated on this site (french book).

Autour de la question des arbres amoureux...

Caroline Lachowsky and my friend Frédéric Hendoux speak to us about plant love with in the background "our" loving trees...
A podcast to be immediately savoured in French!

Nat'images n°48 Valentine's Day

The adventure 4m² continues every 2 months in natural pad of Nat'images, where, with my accomplice Marcello Pettineo and under the friendly look of our friend André Joyeux, we explore this beautiful and fascinating unknown that is the nature which surrounds us.

Nat'images n°47

Find all the spirit of the book "4m² de nature" in every numéo of the most read by magazines natural photo French thanks to the column "Carnet de terrain". With Marcello in this opus n°47 we speak to you mimicry.

#ci400 !

"Chasseur d’images", doubtless the most read by magazines photo of Europe celebrates sound N 400! Do not look, 400 numbers it makes more than 33 years of existence. I am happy to have joined the adventure since a moment and always so much enthusiasm to share my work and that of other than it is in the pages of Nat'images or in those of Chasseur d’images (CI) for the close friends!
Thanks to our readers and to all the actors of the photography who trust us.

Les amoureux sur France Culture


A portfolio of 8 pages is dedicated to the trees loving in the magazine "de la Salamandre" n° 242. One n° taboo zero !

Nat'images N°46

All the art to crack and all the spirit of "4m ² de nature" to find every 2 months in the most read by magazines natural photo and as usual with my colleague and friend Marcello Pettineo.

The real fairies of the nature

The real fairies of the nature "les vraies fées de la nature" published in September, 2015 in the Publishing "Plume de carotte" and cosigned by my friend François Lasserre is published in China.
Undoubtedly my butterflies will have made me travel !

Les arbres amoureux

The incredible images of the photographer, Stéphane Hette, reveal their forms, often baroque, and their sensational tints. Welcome in the world of the loving trees where buds, flowers and kittens compete in an unsuspected beauty. This work gave birth to a book reference eponym where the botanist, Francis Hallé, opens the ball of the work splendidly illustrated. Plunge then into the private life of twenty successive trees, through Stéphane Hette's Zen and design images, and texts allying unusual anecdotes and scientific accuracy of the botanist, Frédéric Hendoux.

Book to be ordered here

The ecologist

In its number 49 appeared in the end of May, 2017 the magazine dedicates 2 pages to my photographic work.
One N to find on

Nat'images N°45

With it n°45 Nat' images new look ; new size, new model for some more of pleasure to read and to look.
All the spirit of "4m ² de nature" to find every 2 months in the most read by magazines natural photo.

Best of Paris

During all summer in the gallery Blin plus Blin Paris (46 street of the University, 75007 Paris) find my photos in very good company beside those of Marie Blin, Kyriakos Kaziras, Julie de Waroquier, Jean-Michel Berts, Christian McManus and Jean-Michel Lenoir !

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am till 7 pm continuously.
Telephone : 00 33 1 42 86 07 78

Nat'images n°44 : ça pique !

Find all the spirit of "4m ² de nature" and the best of the natural photography every two months in the french magazine Nat' images our faithful partner for ages and candles even !

Happy birthday !

These 20 years of the festival de Montier-en-Der and 40 years of the magazine Chasseur d'images will always have for me one particular flavor because one of my images realized within the framework of the book 4m ² de nature saw awarding the special price of the jury ... A way also to celebrate with dignity a decade to photograph the butterflies!

Nat'images n°40, strange small lights !

Pursue the experience of the book "4m ² de nature" in the pages of french magazine Nat'images. This time we leave, always in the good mood, to the discovery of fireflies and bioluminescence.

Nat'images n°39

What a honor to find one of my photos stemming from my series Art of Dragonfly on the front page of "my" magazine Nat' images !
And inside the suite  of my pad of ground with my friend Marcello Pettineo we describe the praying mantis in the pure naturalistic and funny spirit of the book 4m ² of nature there...

The fairies butterflies...
I am very happy to make the couv of a magazine the first vocation of which is to emphasize the professional photography and to share the poster with so beautiful signatures! One thank you to my friend and colleague Pascal Quittemelle for this attractive portfolio, a beautiful case makes for my fairies that always makes its small effect.

Nat'images n°38
Find my images and my texts every two months in the natural magazine Nat'images. With my accomplice Marcello Pettineo we describe a species with science of the humor in pure naturalistic and funny spirit of the book "4m ² de nature" ...

The fairies butterflies, dragonflies and other insects ...
Our fairies (with François Lasserre) tell their history in 10 pages in the very beautiful the french magazine n°26 Kaizen.

Our fairies in Belgium

Les vraies fées de la nature have green fingers...

Les vraies fées de la nature Alain Baraton's very favorite in its emission La main verte of Sunday, December 27th, 2015 on France Inter.
" Crush, real love at first sight the extraordinary photos very very beautiful work. It is magnificent, it is sublime... Supernatural. " In brief the book in pleased a lot!
You can get yourselves it in the section books or directly on the site of the : Plume de Carotte


Work pulled to 30 copies, increased by 10 author's copies, printed in France at Escourbiac on some paper Munken Polar stemming from forests managed fairly.

Every book is numbered and signed is accompanied with an edition(drawing) of art realized on Kozo and inserted with the book into a personalized case.

Artist's book of 60 pages, sewn binding, size(format) 21x30 cm.

Available only on the section book of my site

Delivery from 21/11/2015

Les ailes du désir

From September 24th till October 31st, 2015 find a selection of my most beautiful images.
A wide choice of editions of art, as usual in very limited edition (8 ex) realized in Digigraphie ® on Canson art parper.
Information : gallery Blin plus Blin Paris, 46 Rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris

les vraies fées de la nature

Published in the editions plume de carotte, "les vraies fées de la nature" (the real fairies of the nature) is my third art book around the nature and around the common people of herbs, trees and water. This François Lasserre's idea, carried by its words is served by 65 of my photos doubtless a little bit magic.
Photographed in a poetic and magic way, these "fairies" are presented here in a encyclopaedic and wrongly serious way, with the real information on their life of insects and the imaginary information on their fairies' life.
Size 18 x 29 cms, 144 pages, "toilé" back and silvery marking.
ISBN 10: 236672084X
French only

4m² de nature seen by the press

The book

For the 5th time I had the pleasure to see my photographic work rewarded in the Photos of the year. In this competition reserved for the professional photographers practicing in Europe, I saw attributing the 2nd price category digital creation. It is a page extracted from the book 4m ² of nature which so put in the honor by my peers.

Les ailes du désir- Saison 2

From April 10th till June 7th, 2015 find a selection of my most beautiful images. A wide choice of editions of art as usual in limited edition and realized in Digigraphie ® on liqueur brandy art Canson.
Information : gallery Blin plus Blin

Nature: the delight within reach of garden
This charming small book which opens to the paper knife presents, in the style of a cabinet(office) of curiosities, the multitude of animals and plants to be explored in its garden or at the end of the path(way) which limits him(it).

" We look for the conversations and for the entertainments of the games only because we cannot live at home with pleasure ". Pascaliens in devil, but also very funny, the photographer Stéphane Hette and his(her) two friends, the illustrator, Marcello Pettineo and the storyteller Emmanuel Fery, invite us, in their book, 4 m2 of the nature (*), to look at our feet before kicking us in a travel agency, to examine closely what surrounds us before growing up to the nearby department.

Their region, the Champagne-Ardenne costs, to travel(browse) this magnificent work, all the ends of the world...

18e festival de Montier-en-Der

4m² de nature exhibition


"4m² de nature" is a small cabinet of curiosity to be gone through.
Stéphane Hette, Marcello Pettineo and Emmanuel Fery through this alphabet primer at least original embark the reader on a journey in the time in the discovery of the biodiversity champardennaise. Between art, nature and science, flowers, insects, fishes, mammals, are handled in mind of the cabinet of curiosities of the last centuries when photograph texts and drawings get involved in a jubilant way! It is a collective naturalistic adventure mixing photos and artistic drawings around a funny, poetic and scientific text. He opens you eyes with talent on a biodiversity often underestimated by the region Champagne-Ardenne. Attention certain pages of this book will reveal their mysteries that once cut.
"4m² de nature"  it's more of : 6 working years, 675 hours of layout, 400 photos, 350 drawings, 200 illustrated species among which 196 described, as well as 25 explained keywords, and to finish a lesson of drawing...
Every public.
In french only
Stéphane Hette, Marcello Pettineo & Emmanuel Fery
Préface de Vincent Munier et postface de Guy-Michel Cogné
Déclic éditions, Art & Nature,
11/2014 192 pages 22 x 16,5 cm
Couverture souple avec rabats
ISBN : 978-2-9518722-7-1

The revealed beauty of insects

12 pages dedicated to the insects of France and illustrated by my photos in the Figaro magazine.

Christophe Doré's article: " these wonderful insects of France ", goes on of an interview of François Lasserre by Christophe Doré " The biodiversity adorns our campaigns ". Entomologist enthusiast, speaker. Teacher, François leads numerous educational actions(shares) to the environment and to the nature conservation. In its numerous popularization works he uses the weapon of the humor to push back the ignorance and the prejudices insects of which are the object. He is also the author of the book " I observe insects! " Who has just appeared to the editions of the Salamander.

Guest of honor Mont-Blanc Photo Festival

Art of Butterfly to the Maison européenne de la photographie

Photographie : Pascal Bourguignon


Maison européenne de la photographie 5/7 Rue de fourcy - 75 004 Paris - France


Two starting prices awarded by the public to PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2012 for my work in tired pages of the magazine natural photo French Nat'images.

Photos of year 2012

For the second consecutive year and for my second participation I had the pleasure to see my photographic work rewarded in the Photos of the year. In this competition reserved for the professional practicing photographers in Europe, I saw awarding the 2nd price prize category photographs animal, 2nd prize category digital creation and 3rd prize category still life.

Guest of French honor to the Festival of Montier-en-Der

With the photographer Paul Starosta, I make this year left 4 guests of French honor of this 15 e edition. For this occasion in partnership with Canson and the magazine Nat' images Paul and I shall expose(explain) under the banner municipalities -"Earth of contrasts"- forty photos big size where confirms itself our passion for the young and the alive.

"13 avec vous" Spécial Festival Photo... par France3-Champagne-Ardenne

Ukiyo' e in the gallery BLIN more BLIN

The exhibition Ukiyo' e and forty other new photos are visible during every most May and from July 29th, 2011 till August 31st, 2011 and in the gallery BLIN more BLIN to Monfort Amaury - 1bis, street Amaury - 78490 Montfort Amaury.

Schedules : on Wednesday from 2:00 pm till 6:30 pm - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am till 6:30 pm.

Information : / -

Photoclubbing#5 mois palaisien de la photographie

photo : Yannick Guinot

From 4 till 30 January 2011, the George-Sand media library, the MJC-Théâtre des 3 vallées -  the Espace 181 and Cinépal ' will welcome the work of five amateurish photographers and professionals, members of the Photoclub of the MJC of Palaiseau.

Animalia Bis de Frédéric Landragin, followed upon a first exhibition of animal photos presented two years ago. As for the first edition, wildcats, cervids and rodents are photographed in black and white with strong contrasts.

From his part, Frédéric Augendre proposes a point of view on the submarine base of Kéromane, in the heart of the natural harbour of Lorient, whereas Bertrand Gauthier will lead  the visitors to the discovery of Iceland and his volcanoes.

The Space 181 will welcome the moments stolen from Yann Le Flohic in the exhibition(exposure) Place to part, while Cinépal ' will receive the collective exhibition "Ecce Lomo".

As for the magnificent photographic work of Stéphane Hette around the butterflies "Les ailes du désir", it will be exposed to the media library George-Sand. One of the images was also retained for the poster of this edition 2011. (Source : le monde de la photo in January 5th, 2011).

Listen to the audio (in french)

Art of butterfly making of


Professional WINNER OF PX3 Photojournalism - Nature/Environmental 3rd Place

Art of butterfly to Monte-Carlo

Appointment in

The Show of the Photo wants to contribute to put in the honor photographer's job, to emphasize it with the eyes of the widest public.

The ZOOMS will be awarded henceforth every year by the Show of the Photo.

12 chief editors or managing editors of the press Photo indicated each a "emergent" professional photographer (French or installed(settled) in France), a real very favorite for a talent still little known or not enough recognized, whom her godfather or his godmother wants to reveal in the general public.    THE ZOOM AWARDED THERE PRESSES PHOTO  The chief editors or the managing editors : Dimitri Beck (Polka magazine), Sophie Bernard (Images magazine), Guy Boyer (Connaissances des Arts), Stéphane Brasca (De l'air), Guy-Michel Cogné (Nat'Images), Didier de Faÿs (, Agnès Grégoire (Photo), Sylvie Hugues (Réponses Photo), Ronan Loaëc (Chasseur d'Images), Nicolas Mériau (Image & Nature), Vincent Trujillo (Le Monde de la Photo), Bruno Waraschitz (Déclic Photo) will meet on October 7th in a jury chaired by Jean-Luc Monterosso, Director(Manager) of the European House of the Photography, to indicate(appoint) the prize-winner of the press Photo.    Photo 2010.


I am lucky to have been chosen by Guy-Michel Cogné, chief editor of Nat' images, to represent among 12 nominated photographers.... Vote from now on to give a chance to your favorite photographer to be the one to whom the Show of the Photo will dedicate an exhibition.  October 7th enclose votes to leave the time to proceed, with 2 photographers, to the edition of the photos which establish the exhibition of the ZOOMS on 2010 in the Show of the Photo 2010.


WINNERS of the Px3 2010 PEOPLE's CHOICE AWARDS 2nd place Photo-journalism pro Nature / Environmental, 3e place Book Series pro nature.

THE LIFE DREAMED ABOUT THE BUTTERFLIES from June 17th till July 21st 2010

"The Secret Life of Butterflies" - A breathtaking photographic exhibit by Stephane Hette at the Monaco Exotic Garden  The Monaco Exotic Garden opens its doors from June 17 2010 to July 21 2010 to "The Secret Life of Butterflies" exhibit by Stephane Hette. Beyond a genuine naturalist aspect, Hette's large-framed pictures embrace technical virtuosity, graphic and emotional quality, as well as a unique and dream-like vision of the colorful insect.  Open every day 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.

For more information: +377. or