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Art of dragonfly

For more 10 years I browse my region in the research these girls of the air and the water that are dragonflies. It is to them that I owe my love of the butterflies. Fabulous aviators, highly skilled huntresses these fairies of streams are particularly present in my region where we list not less than 78 different species on 100 present in France, included Corsica.
If I do not try to make a spectacular inventory I nevertheless hope to succeed in making glimpse the natural elegance of their delicate wings, the beauty of their colored body, the magic of their ceaseless air ballets and the poetry of their life cycle. Frail agrions, ballast light, powerful aeschnes, rare or common all the dragonflies exercise on me the same fascination and push me in this strange and very time-consuming quest the fruit of which I share with you today.