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Trees loving

It had been a long time, to understand several years, since the envy to work only on the vegetable kingdom tormented me. It is necessary to say that my photos of insects leash one beautiful part in the flora... It is thus very happy that I agreed to participate in this beautiful project carried(worn) with the enthusiasm which we know him by Julien Perrot (director of the Salamandre). The choice to work with botanical Frédéric Hendoux, director(manager) of the academy of the Paris Basin, was on the whole an obvious fact so much we wanted both of this collaboration His(Her,Its) texts come to light funnily and talent my photos and give a scientific perspective for every species. Cerise on the pompom: Francis Hallé handles the introduction of the work. At the same time a big exhibition is also organized with the camera buff's invaluable support, Nat' Images, Canson drawing paper, the Museum of Zoology of Lausanne.
Good stroll in the discovery of the intimacy of trees ...