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The loving flowers...

Through 20 flowers from our regions, beautifully highlighted by photographer Stéphane Hette, discover the wonderful history of plant sexuality from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day. Water lily, dandelion, fragrant violet or even gentian mite, immerse yourself in the intimacy of plant beauties present around us or at the bend of a path. The botanist Frédéric Hendoux tells how these beautiful plants adopt varied and sometimes surprising strategies to ensure their reproduction.

As an introduction, a short history of the science of plant reproduction, illustrated by historical and exceptional bicycles from the "Musée d'histoire naturelle de Paris".

Published by the editions of La Salamandre in partnership with the "Musée d'histoire naturelle de Paris".

Technical data Publication: 17 October 2019 Broadcast France: Interforum Broadcast Switzerland: Servidis Format: 23 x 27.8 cm, 144 pages - Price TTC : 39 € / 49 CHF
ISBN: 978-2-88958-367-6 EAN: 9782889583676