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Like flowers

A poetic vision enters art, science and natural. These photos, realized without retouch, are the result of a long experimentation and many years' of development of a technique of recording which is appropriate for me protecting the environment and the integrity of my subjects photos free of their movements and alive. This atypical work mixing Asian inspiration and entomology was rewarded on very numerous occasions and gave rise to exhibitions and publications almost everywhere in the world. It is also at the origin of the book: the wings of the desire or the life dreamed about the butterflies.
Aglais Urticae bokushi Aglais Urticae ‟bokushi‟
Aglais urticae en katsu Aglais urticae ‟en'katsu‟
Aglais Urticae ryouyoku Aglais Urticae ‟ryouyoku‟
Allancastria cerisyi hitoyasum Allancastria cerisyi ‟hitoyasumi‟
Allancastria cerisyi mittsu Allancastria cerisyi ‟mittsu‟
Anania hortulata Anania hortulata
Anania hortulata yasumu Anania hortulata ‟yasumu‟
Anthocharis cardamines chijou Anthocharis cardamines ‟chijou‟
Anthocharis cardamines chouzou Anthocharis cardamines ‟chouzou‟
Anthocharis cardamines hana ki Anthocharis cardamines ‟hana ki‟
Anthocharis cardamines hanami Anthocharis cardamines ‟hanami‟
Anthocharis cardamines okoru Anthocharis cardamines ‟okoru‟
Anthocharis cardamines risshun Anthocharis cardamines ‟risshun‟
Anthocharis cardamines sakidas Anthocharis cardamines ‟sakidasu‟
Anthocharis cardamines yanagi Anthocharis cardamines ‟yanagi‟
Anthocharis cardamines yanagi Anthocharis cardamines ‟yanagi II‟
Appias lyncida kakusu kouhou t Appias lyncida ‟kakusu kouhou taiyou‟
Araschnia levana fukeru Araschnia levana ‟fukeru‟
Araschnia levana  Araschnia levana ‟bokusouchi‟
Araschnia levana chin shimokko Araschnia levana ‟chin shimokkou‟
Araschnia levana gen sou  Araschnia levana ‟gen'sou‟
Araschnia levana hatsuyume Araschnia levana ‟hatsuyume‟
Araschnia levana hinata Araschnia levana ‟hinata‟
Araschnia levana kazagumo  Araschnia levana ‟kazagumo‟
Araschnia levana kotori murasa Araschnia levana ‟kotori murasakiiro‟
Araschnia levana mashikaku Araschnia levana ‟mashikaku‟
Araschnia levana  Araschnia levana ‟nikkouyoku‟
Araschnia levana shiika Araschnia levana ‟shiika‟
Araschnia levana tougen kyou  Araschnia levana ‟tougen kyou‟
Araschnia levana yottsu hana  Araschnia levana ‟yottsu hana‟
Archon apollinus bellargus han Archon apollinus ‟bellargus hana‟
Archon apollinus bellargus han Archon apollinus bellargus ‟hanami‟
Archon apollinus bellargus kou Archon apollinus bellargus ‟koubai‟
Archon apollinus bellargus ris Archon apollinus bellargus ‟risshun‟
Archon apollinus bellargus kou Archon apollinus bellargus ‟koukuu‟
Archon apollinus bellargus sou Archon apollinus bellargus ‟soushun‟
Archon apollinus bellargus yas Archon apollinus bellargus ‟yasuraka‟
Arctia caja climbing day Arctia caja ‟climbing day‟
Athyma perius aichaku Athyma perius ‟aichaku‟
Athyma perius fuwafuwa Athyma perius ‟fuwafuwa
Athyma perius hanasu  Athyma perius ‟hanasu‟
Athyma perius hana  Athyma perius ‟hana‟
Atrophaneura semperi hanazakar Atrophaneura semperi ‟hanazakari‟
Atrophaneura semperi kurisumas Atrophaneura semperi ‟kurisumasu I‟
Atrophaneura semperi kurisumas Atrophaneura semperi ‟kurisumasu II‟
Atrophaneura semperii kijutsu  Atrophaneura semperii ‟kijutsu II‟
Atrophaneura semperii hana  Atrophaneura semperii ‟hana‟
Atrophaneura semperi sen chaku Atrophaneura semperi ‟sen chaku shikaku‟
Attacus lorquini zen Attacus lorquini ‟zen‟
Athyma perius shin ryoku Athyma perius ‟shin ryoku‟
Catopsilia scylla hana Catopsilia scylla ‟hana‟
Catopsilia scylla eda Catopsilia scylla ‟eda‟
Catopsilia scylla oushoku Catopsilia scylla ‟oushoku‟
Catopsilia scylla risshun Catopsilia scylla ‟risshun‟
Catopsilia scylla umoreru Catopsilia scylla ‟umoreru‟
Cethosia biblis confidences Cethosia biblis ‟confidences‟
Cethosia biblis exposure Cethosia biblis ‟exposure‟
Cethosia biblis oshaberi Cethosia biblis ‟oshaberi‟
Cethosia biblis twin and the f Cethosia biblis ‟twin and the flower‟
Cethosia biblis velvet flower Cethosia biblis ‟velvet flower‟
Colias crocea hanashikomu Colias crocea ‟hanashikomu‟
Colias crocea Michel Queral Colias crocea ‟Michel Queral‟
Danaus chrysippus hana Danaus chrysippus ‟hana‟
Dryas julia yellow two Dryas julia ‟yellow two‟
Euphydryas aurinia hana Euphydryas aurinia ‟hana‟
Eurytides marcellus hana tsuka Eurytides marcellus ‟hana tsuka‟
Eurytides marcellus sukeru Eurytides marcellus ‟sukeru‟
Eurytides marcellus hanabata Eurytides marcellus ‟hanabata‟
Graphium agamemnon fukeru Graphium agamemnon ‟fukeru‟
Graphium agamemnon zen II Graphium agamemnon ‟zen II‟
Graphium angolanus ikebana II Graphium angolanus ‟ikebana II‟
Graphium angolanus tsuyatsuya  Graphium angolanus ‟tsuyatsuya‟
Graphium angolanus hamami Graphium angolanus ‟hamami‟
Graphium angolanus hana  Graphium angolanus ‟hana‟
Graphium angolanus hanabata  Graphium angolanus ‟hanabata‟
Graphium porthaon hiyokunotori Graphium porthaon ‟hiyokunotori‟
Graphium doson makka Graphium doson ‟makka‟
Graphium porthaon ikebana Graphium porthaon ‟ikebana‟
Graphium porthaon hiyokunotori Graphium porthaon ‟hiyokunotori‟
Graphium porthaon yumenimo Graphium porthaon ‟yumenimo‟
Graphium porthaon hana Graphium porthaon ‟hana‟
Graphium porthaon tsubomi Graphium porthaon ‟tsubomi‟
Graphium porthaon kadan Graphium porthaon ‟kadan‟
Graphium porthaon soushun Graphium porthaon ‟soushun‟
Graphium porthaon hanazakari Graphium porthaon ‟hanazakari‟
Graphium porthaon yumewomiru Graphium porthaon ‟yumewomiru‟
Greta oto hana Greta oto ‟hana‟
Hypolimnas antevorta a damas Hypolimnas antevorta ‟à Damas‟
Hypolimnas bolina hana Hypolimnas bolina ‟hana‟
Idea leuconoe gordita hanabata Idea leuconoe gordita ‟hanabata II‟
Lycaena dispar kusaki  Lycaena dispar ‟kusaki‟
Lycaena dispar san bai Lycaena dispar ‟san bai‟
Lycaena dispar soumoku  Lycaena dispar ‟soumoku‟
Lysandra bellargus hanazakari Lysandra bellargus ‟hanazakari‟
Lysandra bellargus kadou Lysandra bellargus ‟kadou‟
Lysandra bellargus tenkei Lysandra bellargus ‟tenkei‟
Melitaea cinxia ira Melitaea cinxia ‟ira‟
Melitaea cinxia manatsu Melitaea cinxia ‟manatsu‟
Melitaea cinxia mittsu hana Melitaea cinxia ‟mittsu hana‟
Melitaea cinxia onigokko Melitaea cinxia ‟onigokko‟
Melitaea cinxia shimi Melitaea cinxia ‟shimi‟
Melitaea cinxia ukiyoe Melitaea cinxia ‟ukiyoe‟
Morpho peleides and the small  Morpho peleides ‟and the small aphid‟
Morpho peleides hanataba Morpho peleides ‟hanataba‟
Morpho peleides hanataba II Morpho peleides ‟hanataba II‟,
Morpho peleides hanazakari Morpho peleides ‟hanazakari‟
Morpho peleides printemps Morpho peleides ‟printemps‟
Morpho peleides profil a l orc Morpho peleides ‟profil à l'orchidée‟
Myscelia cyaniris hanazakari Myscelia cyaniris ‟hanazakari‟
Myscelia cyaniris à Damas Myscelia cyaniris ‟à Damas‟
Nymphalis antiopa hana Nymphalis antiopa ‟hana‟
Nymphalis antiopa hanabata Nymphalis antiopa ‟hanabata‟
Nymphalis antiopa shoka Nymphalis antiopa ‟shoka‟
Ochlodes venatus Ochlodes venatus
Ochlodes venatus hana Ochlodes venatus ‟hana‟
Ornithoptera Priamus poseidon  Ornithoptera Priamus poseidon ‟hana I‟
Papilio demoleus hatsuyuki Papilio demoleus ‟hatsuyuki‟
Papilio demoleus ikebana Papilio demoleus ‟ikebana‟
Papilio demoleus kenzo Papilio demoleus ‟kenzo‟
Papilio demoleus seventies Papilio demoleus ‟seventies‟
Papilio demoleus yuuwaku Papilio demoleus ‟yuuwaku‟
Papilio hybride lowi memnon ru Papilio hybride lowi memnon ‟ru‟
Papilio machaon flowers jump Papilio machaon ‟flowers jump‟
Papilio machaon hana Papilio machaon ‟hana‟
Papilio machaon hiyokunotori Papilio machaon ‟hiyokunotori‟
Papilio machaon kaju aoi Papilio machaon ‟kaju aoi‟
Papilio machaon obake Papilio machaon ‟obake‟
Papilio machaon sakidasu Papilio machaon ‟sakidasu‟
Papilio machaon saku Papilio machaon ‟saku‟
Papilio machaon seihoukei hana Papilio machaon ‟seihoukei hanabata‟
Papilio machaon shoubi Papilio machaon ‟shoubi‟
Papilio demoleus kuusou Papilio demoleus ‟kuusou‟
Papilio thoas just arrived Papilio thoas ‟just arrived‟
Papilio xuthus kan ji Papilio xuthus ‟kan ji‟
Papilio xuthus kouhaku Papilio xuthus ‟kouhaku‟