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4 m² of nature

4 m ² of nature, it is during 6 years the study of 4 very different biotopes: the puddle, the forest, the cultivated meadow, the garden, so many easily accessible places in Region Champagne-Ardenne, as somewhere else, and which abound in treasures. Discreet and often underestimated this biodiversity of nearness is a rich heritage on which we can lean to make discover that is the biodiversity, its interactions, its utility and our imperceptible and essential link. With the complicity of Emmanuel Fery naturalist of ground and natural presenter ( we are going to articulate this project around 3 axes: a big exhibition every public - Where birds, micro-mammals, plants and the other insects will be next to fishes and to batrachians - a book richly illustrated and commented and an educational part 12 pages. This work will leave good-safe a wide place to the numerous endemic butterflies.