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The beauty of trees

2018 Parc de Champagne - 10 avenue du Général Giraud (51100) Reims

From June 30th till November 4th, the visitors of the park of champagne can freely roam in the middle of "The beauty of trees", an exhibition which gathers hundred photos to understand better this noble vegetable.

21 species of trees revealed on 22 panels very large formats accompanied with the drawings of Sylvain Leparoux and with Frédéric Hendoux's texts.
"Our" loving trees are beside those of three other professional photographers, Cédric Pollet, Olivier Mühlhoff and Pascal Stritt whose work is distributed on the whole site. An invitation to discover the place(square) of the tree in the nature and in our lives, the exhibition puts forward all that they have of more singular: the secret of their barks, their "affairs" through their reproduction, their presence in cities and their originality as that of the surprising false of Verzy. This at the same time artistic and educational exhibition takes place every two years on a different theme, in alternation with the Weekend of the tree.

Free entry